About This Website

The Concept

As the name suggests, this is a website dedicated to short writings that explore the characters and conflicts of various fantastical worlds. 

There are certain scenes that have always drawn me in. The openings when you take your first steps into a new world. The switches in point of view where you’re introduced to a new perspective.

It’s these scenes that this website will focus on. Scenes of transitions, of beginnings, and of developments.


Many of the Quick Reads that I provide will be random, taking place in the beginning, middle, or end of an unwritten story. However, some will be connected, either directly or indirectly. Characters from one scene may interact with characters of another, or the events of one story may appear as a passing comment or reference in another.

 they may develop into something similar to a plot, or at the very least a glimpse into the conflicts and politics of a world.


Fantasy (urban, epic, etc.), dystopian, postapocalyptic, science fiction, action, adventure, magic realism, and the list goes on.

I just write what interests me. Sometimes it’s a specific scene or setting that I think is interesting or important to explore. Sometimes it’s a certain magic system, whether hard or soft, that I want to develop and understand the ramifications to. And sometimes it’s as simple as an emotion, a unique feeling, that I want to further understand.

Suffice to say, I enjoy writing stories with fantastical elements that focus on the development and emotions of the characters.


So far, the Quick Reads have bounced between 1,000 to 1,500 words with a few being above 2,000—but the site is young. You may read some that are much longer or much shorter.

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